Kesha Rose Sebert (Los Angeles, 1 maart 1987), beter bekend als Kesha of Ke$ha, is een Amerikaanse popzangeres. Kesha werd bekend met de hit Right Round, een samenwerking met Flo Rida. Kesha brak echt door met haar single Tik Tok. Vervolgens scoorde ze nog hits met “Your Love Is My Drug”, “We R Who We R” en “Die Young”. Ze heeft drie albums uitgebracht: Animal, Cannibal en Warrior. Ze werkte samen met artiesten als Flo Rida, 3OH!3 Iggy Pop, Nicki Minaj en Britney Spears.

Kesha is geboren in Los Angeles, Californië waar ze met haar alleenstaande moeder woonde en zij met een laag inkomen moesten rondkomen. Haar moeder, Pebe Sebert, een singer-songwriter, nam haar vaak mee naar opnamestudio’s. Ze heeft een jongere en een oudere broer. Pebe verhuisde met het gezin naar Nashville, Tennessee in 1991. Op haar zeventiende stopte ze met school om aan haar muziekcarrière te beginnen. Kesha woont nu in Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles, Californië.

In de video laat Kesha zien dat ze een satanist is. Zij is zo geworden door opvoeding, martelingen in de cult, drugs en hypnose-sessies. Haar eigen moeder schijnt haar aan te zetten tot misselijk makende optredens. Haar moeder is er aan medeplichtig van wat haar dochter geworden is…

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Ke$ha’s latest album Warrior is apparently not what she wanted it to be. When Dr. Luke signed on as executive producer of the project, he reportedly scrapped all of the songs Ke$ha and her mother Pebe Sebert originally wrote for the album. It is important to point out that Dr. Luke is currently a leading figure in the music industry as he produced tracks for the likes of Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Jessie J, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna and many other pop stars. Some of his singles were analyzed on this site such as Britney’s Hold it Against Me, Jessie J’s Price Tag and Katy Perry’s Part of Me. In short, he’s one of the people who tells industry puppets what to sing – and what they sing is part of an Agenda.

More recently, Dr. Luke co-wrote and produced Ke$ha’s comeback single Die Young – a song with a message that fits right in the elite’s Agenda, accompanied with a video loaded with Illuminati symbolism (read the article about it here). In the wake of Sandy Hook, Ke$ha took to Twitter and claimed that she was forced to sing that song.

Frustrated with her situation, Ke$ha wrote Dancing With the Devil – a song that aptly describes what happens to pawns of the music industry. Some describe this song as a diss track aimed at Dr. Luke. However, if you carefully read the lyrics, Dancing With the Devil deals with a topic much larger than a single producer. It’s about the cost of selling one’s soul for fame and fortune.

The song is not very subtle: It compares being part of the music industry with “dancing with the Devil”. With lines such as 2You and I made a deal /I was young and shit got real”, Ke$ha explains how young and naive artists are taken advantage of and recruited by the industry. Lured by fame and fortune, these young hopefuls agree to not only a legal contract but to a life changing oath that has profound implications on their entire being.

Lines such as “So while I’m yours until the end / A holy war, I’ll never win” convey a sense of powerlessness versus the powers governing Ke$ha’s life. The notions of complete control coupled with the dark spiritual theme underlying the song is not surprising when one knows that it describes an entity that uses Satanic Ritual Abuse and Monarch Programming to achieve its aims.

In short, the song describes the dark side of the Illuminati industry as described on this site. It is about desperation, written by someone who apparently realized that she went too far on “a dead end road”. As if to confirm the message of the song, the producers scrapped it from the final album.



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