‘Niks goed nieuws’: SRA MPD DID…forms of mind control

SRA MPD DID…… the broadest and most covert form of mind control?

And then there is satanic ritual abuse, multiple personality disorder (which they now call dissociative identity disorder). This is the main focus of my article and will be the most eye opening. The information I now write is well…not supposed to be on the table per say.

In the 1980’s thousands of individuals with voices in their heads began showing up at psych wards and counseling centers everywhere. By 1992  Dr. Holly Hector who worked in the psych ward at Centennial Hospital in Denver stated that there is an estimated 2.4 million victims of ‘multiple personality disorder’. Going beyond that Dr. Collin Ross in his original first edition ‘PROJECT BLUEBIRD: the purposeful creation of multiple personalities’ agrees with an assessment that there may be 10 million victims of this form of mind and life control.

Ten million! Those numbers are astounding and force us to ask many questions. 1. What is this MPD? 2. How exactly is it caused? 3. Who is causing this?  4. Why are they doing it?

Ga naar: http://www.paranoiamagazine.com/2013/06/satanic-super-soldiers-the-sinister-reality-of-trauma-based-mind-control/


4 gedachten over “‘Niks goed nieuws’: SRA MPD DID…forms of mind control

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  3. Mind control is not the same as dissociative identity disorder (MPD as you call it). Most people with DID do not have any kind of mind control – it only happens in the case of particularly extreme abuse (ritual abuse) which begins at a very young age. DID without mind control is often caused by repeated abuse such as incest combined with physical & emotional abuse at a young age. More info on both is on the excellent Dr Ellen Lacter’s website http://endritualabuse.org

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