Kathleen Sullivan-Unshackled a survivors story of mind control

Another Mind control slave that was deprogramed and now can expose the nature4 of the MKULTRA program. For all who still are unaware this is one of the CIA’s darkest secrets.. Read from the mouth of the victim of mind control and break through the programming that is keeping all of us in a trance. Mind Control is real and from the Manchurian Candidate to Presidential model slave, Assasin programming to espionage there are hundreds of thousands of programmed multiples that are entrenched in all areas of our nation and world, each waiting to be activated to carry out a function of end programming… Thanks to Cathy O’Brien for opening the lid on the mystery of Pandora’s Box..

>> http://www.scribd.com/doc/3839510/Kathleen-SullivanUnshackled-a-survivors-story-of-mind-control


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